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The Photo Party Favor

Create the perfect party favor with just a click of the camera! Your guest can capture the fun and choose the images for lasting memories . There are no limits to the photo fun!                   


Our Approach

When you hire the Photo Party team for your event, you and your guests will  get access to the Photo Party  app.  At the event, your guests will take as many photos as they wish on their phones and then send the photos  to be viewed on the large party projector screen and then printed for a fun party favor. 


What to Expect

Hosting a wedding can be costly and hiring a photographer can be costly too. But with our app, everyone becomes the photographer. Guests at the event will have unlimited access to the Photo Party App. & with unlimited prints.     Never miss a memory   

How it Works



Easy As 1- 2 -3  

Download to App - Shoot the Photo - Send to Party Screen / Print

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