How it Works

Easy As 1 - 2 - 3

Download the Photo Party App  - Shoot the photo - Send to Party Viewing Screen /Print. 

No need to go into your files,

 Selecting the photo file, 

Select photo,

 Choose where to send the files to,

 Select size and quality,

 And making sure your on the right network.

 When you hire the Photo Party team for your event, you and your guests will  get unlimited access to the Photo Party app.  At the event, guests may take as many photos as they wish on their phones and these will become images viewed on the large party screen, then printed for a great party favor. The wedding party will also receive a print   

    Click, Send, Print     Unlimited prints !     Unlimited Fun !  

 Document your Wedding Event thur-out the day from preparing the bride & groom to the after party. Never miss a photo memory. All photos will be saved and printed for the guestbook.